2016 Aluma Lite aluminum fish houses are here!



Aluma Lite Fish Houses at Smokey Hiills

The super lightweight aluminum skid houses from Aluma Lite have arrived at Smokey Hills. Snow is already in the air and it won’t be long until it’s time to get out on the Ice. Don’t spend another season fixing a portable fish house and fighting the wind. All of the Smokey Hills Outdoor Store Aluma Lite skid houses come with plastic hyfax ski protectors and a tow hitch. The tow hitch allows you to pull the fish house with a snowmobile, atv, utv or vehicle. The number one question we hear is, “What does it weigh?”, so here is your answer!

Approximate Weights
Munchkin   250lbs
6 X 6   350lbs
6 X 8   450lbs
6 X 10   550lbs
6 X 12   650lbs
8 X 10   750lbs
8 X 12   900lbs
Add 75 lbs for V front
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