The cold temps are making ICE!

After an early cold snap and then some unwanted snow cover on the lakes, the weather is finally cooperating and the current below zero temps are making ice thick enough to get your Ice Castle Fish House out on the … Continued

Light Weight Ice Castle

Hello everyone. My name is Justin and I want to highlight a couple of Ice Castles that were made for keeping it simple and light weight. Some of my personal favorite layouts for this would be the Lil Jigger or the … Continued

Ice Castle Pro Series

Smokey Hills is excited to announce the brand new Ice Castle Pro Series. Ice Castle has done a wonderful job designing 4 great layouts with affordability in mind. They are now offering an 8×16 Pro Series for $13,500, an 8×16 … Continued

We Want Your Trail Cam Pictures!

Share your interesting and entertaining trail cam photos and experience the top 30 photos together in the WILD ART OF THE TRAIL CAM EXHIBIT Has your trail cam captured the wild and unexpected? We are looking for an interesting variety … Continued