Fishing report for Opener

Park Rapids Area fishing Report 5/8/15


With Walleye and Northern season within reach, anglers are stocking up and getting ready for the hectic opener. Water temps are the most important thing during the spring spawn season.

The lakes will be sitting on average 48 to 55 degrees around the Park Rapids Area. If your lake is sitting at 50 degrees Fahrenheit look for that slightly warmer water between 53-58 degrees that’s going to hold more spawning Females

Walleye- With spawn in full swing walleyes will be hitting the shallows looking to unpack some pounds. Look for river inlets and springs producing the warmer waters that walleyes and northern are craving this time of year.
Find most of the spawning Females in 5-12 feet of water. Tie on a Kenkatch “long shank jig” tipped with a plastic twister or live bait such as a leech, crawler, or minnow for best results!

Northern- Not far behind the walleyes the northerns creep. Aggressively feeding for the spawn, Northerns are looking to add some bulk. For your best chances on hooking the trophy look for those warmer water inlets or streams in about 3-10 feet of water. Tie on a Gamakatsu 1/0 “circle” hook paired with a large sucker minnow and bobber, Or pull out your Rapala tray and tie on a number 5 “Scatter Rap” for the best luck!

Crappie/sunfish- Sitting it about 6-12 feet of water in tall standing weeds or fallen timber waiting for the shallows to warm up a tad more. Lower temperatures are keeping them a bit deeper than usual. Rig up a VMC “Wingding” with a slip bobber and crappie minnow for the slow approach. Tie on a Johnson “Beetle Spin” and cast and retrieve for that more aggressive approach.

Best of luck to everyone this weekend. Remember we are open 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm.
Live bait we have on hand:
Crappie minnows, fatheads, Light Northern, Rainbows, Silver Shiners
S M L J Leeches, Night crawlers and waxies.

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