Light Weight Ice Castle

Hello everyone. My name is Justin and I want to highlight a couple of Ice Castles that were made for keeping it simple and light weight. Some of my personal favorite layouts for this would be the Lil Jigger or the Grandpa’s Hideout. We currently have one of each on the lot and I attached links for you to take a look. We also have three 6.5×8 Scouts and one of them has a toy hauler door. Remember to keep an eye on our used section as well. We recently took a couple of light weight houses in on trade. If you are interested in getting into a light weight house or have more questions on different blue prints give us a call at 218-237-5099. You can also email us at or

The 6.5×8 Lil Jigger weighs in at 1920 lbs and the 6.5×10 Grandpa’s Hideout is 2360 lbs. The 6.5×8 Scout only weighs 1640 lbs.


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