Minnesota Firearms Deer Hunting Opener Checklist!

 Weekly Deals & News 10/29/16 to 11/5/16
The sound of a cold hammer hitting a nail can be heard in the nearby woods as a procrastinating deer hunter builds their deer stand out of old pallets, left over two-by-fours and burlap sacks. Others are filling zip-lock bags with cookies, sandwich meats and crackers in preparation for the week at the hunting shack or Ice Castle Fish House / RV. Families from all over the state are making the drive to meet up with their hunting group. If you are taking part of this yearly “Blaze Orange Holiday”, stop by Smokey Hills Outdoor Store in Park Rapids to get the following things:
□Deer hunting license- must purchase before opener to be immediately valid
□Hand & feet warmers
□Snacks packed in noise-free containers
□Blaze orange clothing
□Flashlight or headlamp
□Hunting/gutting knife
□Knife sharpener
□Deer rifle sighted in
□Hunting rifle
□Folding chair
□Trail marking ribbon
□Compass or gps device
□First aid kit
□Deer urine
□Doe call
□Scent cover
□Playing cards, poker chips, cribbage board
□Binoculars or spotting scope
□Folding saw
□Rope/deer cart or drag
□Game lift device
□Sunrise/sunset table (see below)

☼ November 2016 Sunrise/Sunset table for  Park Rapids, Mn 56470 ☼
                      Rise  Set
            H m  H m
November 1  0704 1703
November 2  0705 1702
November 3  0707 1700
November 4  0708 1659
November 5  0709 1658
November 6  0711 1656
November 7  0712 1655
November 8  0714 1654
November 9  0715 1652
November 10 0717 1651
November 11 0718 1650
November 12 0720 1649
November 13 0721 1647
November 14 0723 1646
November 15 0724 1645
November 16 0726 1644
November 17 0727 1643
November 18 0728 1642
November 19 0730 1641
November 20 0731 1640
November 21 0733 1640
November 22 0734 1639
November 23 0735 1638
November 24 0737 1637
November 25 0738 1636
November 26 0739 1636
November 27 0741 1635
November 28 0742 1635
November 29 0743 1634
November 30 0744 1634
Park Rapids Fishing Report 10/29/16 to 11/5/16
Walleye – With the water temps well below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the fall bite is in full swing! Search for 10’-16’of water throughout the evenings and about 14’-18’ throughout the day. Tie on a VMC “Neon Moon eye Jig” and pair it with a rainbow or crawler for best luck! With its super strong hook and nice bright UV paint it will be a challenge for the walleyes not to bite it!Bass – Find the big bass around any remaining green weeds. Use an Outkast Tackle™ 3/4oz jig paired with a Yum™ chunk.Northern Pike -Find the remaining standing coon tail or cabbage weeds and you will find the pike. Fall is one of the best times of the year to hook into a big one and a sucker minnow affixed to a circle hook with a large bobber is hard to beat.
Sunfish/Crappie – Water temps are now in the forties and the sunfish can be found as deep as 35 feet on the long points. Look at your graph for the “sand grass” that runs deep into the lake, find the edge and drop down a Flu-Flu jig paired with an angle worm.Need advice or help on how to do it? Come see Josh in the fishing department!
Pictured: Nate with a 38″ pike caught outside of Park Rapids
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The Xtruder Board is a wall mounted cutting board. Mount the attachment bracket anywhere you need a clean cutting surface but don’t have a place to set it on.  The removable fillet board locks into the bracket and is removed by pivoting upwards.  As simple and easy as it gets!

  • Custom 20″x26″ Size with black anodized mounting bracket.
  • Goes great on your fish house, RV/camper, hunting cabin, deck, patio or anywhere you can think of.
  • Specially designed to fit over the cooktops in Ice Castle fish houses.
  • Xtruder Board and mounting bracket sold as a kit.
NEW VIDEOS this week on our Youtube channel
Greg was LIVE on Facebook showing off a custom 8×26′ Diamond
Operation of the Laveo Dry Flush toilet for RVs and Fish Houses
2017 re-designed Lake of the Woods Hybrid 8×16′
On the lot Spotlight

2017 6x12 Aluma Lite Skid House


Every Smokey Hills Outdoor Store Aluma Lite™ brand fish house comes with the hyfax protected skis and a tow hitch. This unit features a spray foam floor, walls & ceiling as well as a V-front. The V-Front units have three skis which increases the flotation while pulling through deep snow. This 6×12′ Aluma Lite only weighs 750 pounds!
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