Livin’ the Ice Castle life. 

While Minnesota is known for its 10,000 lakes, Minnesotans are known for their many yearly traditions. From the fishing opener to kick off spring to “The Great Minnesota Get-together” that signals the winding down of summer, Minnesotans love their family friendly traditions… especially if they involve outdoor recreation.Smokey Hills Logo The newest Minnesota tradition, according to Hendri Ernst at Smokey Hills Outdoor Store in Park Rapids, MN, embodies that outdoor spirit Minnesotans are famous for. “Don’t let the name fool you,” Hendri started to explain, “Ice Castle fish houses have become the most popular way to camp and spend time with the family throughout the spring, summer and fall. In fact, Ice Castle has been the number one selling camper in Minnesota for the past three years.”


The “RV Edition” Ice Castle has completely transformed the industry. With modern RV amenities like flush toilets and air conditioning, these all-purpose campers
have broken down the traditional barriers that used to separate ice fishing trailers from summer camping trailers. Today’s Ice Castle is an all-in-one, multi-purpose family camper that pulls double duty: It’s still the world’s best ice house in the winter, but it’s also become the go-to family camper for spring, summer and fall adventures.

RV Edition 21ft









Minnesotans are living the Ice Castle life… all year long. Hendri has watched the phenomenon grow from a trend to tradition over the past few years, as Smokey Hills Outdoor Store has become the area’s Ice Castle destination. “Everyone has been so excited about this new RV Edition Ice Castle,” he said. “We’reselling a lot of the 17-foot and 21-foot models, because our customers are realizing they’re essentially getting a two-for-one deal — a luxury ice house for winter and a totally modern camper for summer — and they’re still saving thousands of dollars compared to buying a traditional summer camper.”


Itasca Vacation Series







***UPDATED 3/12/2016 The Vacation Series has Arrived!

As a leading Ice Castle dealer, Smokey Hills Outdoor Store offers an exclusive model you won’t find anywhere else. The “Itasca” series fish houses are only available at Smokey Hills and come with standard options like air conditioning, fridge, shower, hot water, and a flush toilet. Of course, these Ice Castles can come equipped with added luxuries like LED lighting, remote-operated
hydraulic frames for quick and easy setup, even a fireplace. Soon to hit the showroom floor is the all-new “Itasca Vacation Series”. New for 2017, this budget-friendly Ice Castle fish house and camper delivers big on year-round fun, but at a cost that works for any family’s budget. See the new Itasca Vacation Series at www.smokeyhills.com.

There’s plenty of ice left to fish, but summer is also right around the corner — now’s the time to go pick out your new Ice Castle. Start a new family tradition of outdoor adventure
with modern comfort. The experts at Smokey Hills will not only help you pick out the perfect model, they’ll walk you through every detail to make sure all your questions get answered before you leave the store. “We spend as much time as it takes,” Hendri said. “We use a checkoff list to make sure we cover absolutely every aspect of owning an Ice Castle. We show you exactly what to do, what not to do, all the safety features … and even before the fish house ever gets put out on the lot for sale, we do a complete, factory-authorized inspection to make sure everything is in order.” You can check out how-to videos and Ice Castle walk-thus on the Smokey Hills YouTube channel, or just go to SmokeyHills.com to see their current inventory. Get a feel for their expertise, as well as the amazing features Ice Castle offers. Then, picture you and your family hitting the road — winter or summer — to explore the great Minnesota outdoors.
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