Park Rapids Area Fishing Report


With Walleye, Northern, and Bass winding down to a halt for the next couple of months, anglers are hitting the lakes harder than ever looking for that one special Northern or Walleye before the season comes to a quit.

The majority of the Park Rapids winter is behind us and spring is just around the corner. The mature walleyes will now migrate toward shallow waters looking to pack on the pounds before the spawn. Find 12-18 feet of water along tall standing weeds. Aggressive jigging will be the ticket to snagging a trophy walleye! Rig up a Northland or VMC UV Buckshot tipped with the head of a minnow for the best results!


The monster pike will be following, if not leading the walleyes to the shallows for the abundance of the smaller baitfish that are essential for the spawn. Locate 8 to 20 feet of water around any structural patterns such as rock piles or submergent vegetation. Dig out your tip-ups and make sure to pick up a dozen bigger sized sucker minnows or golden shiners along with a pack of Northland™ “Easy Set” or “Kahle” glow hooks for your chance to hook a massive northern pike.


Sunfish and crappies will now congregate in the shallow water. As the shallows fill with pre-spawn predators; sunfish and crappies are going to be scooting towards the standing weeds and structures looking for a place to hide. Maximize your chances of hosting a fish fry by dead sticking or jigging with a small crappie minnow affixed to a VMC™ “Tungsten Tubby.” Stop by Smokey Hills Outdoor Store to see the all new 8×24’ Ice Castle “Northern Exposure” and get the latest and greatest fishing tips and tricks for the Park Rapids area!!


-Josh Severtson

Smokey Hills Outdoor Store


(Austin Stenvold pictured with a nice Walleye caught in his 2015 Ice Castle fish house)

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