Park Rapids Area Fishing Report 7/18/2015

Park Rapids Area Fishing Report 7/18/2015


Walleye- In the thick weed beds or along the edges in about 10-16 feet of water. The successful anglers are pulling the Northland “Pro-Walleye” or VMC “Spindrift” spinner rigs. Mostly pairing the spinners with leeches or crawlers, but a few anglers are finding a few nice ones with shiners or redtails.


Northern Pike- Anywhere from 4-12 feet of water in the thick coverage such as weed beds, fallen trees, docks, and rocky bottoms. Rig up a Rapala “Clackin Rap” in the traditional firetiger color or red and white “Daredevil” for your best chances on snagging that wall hanger!


Bass- Finding most of the adult male and females up between 2-8 Feet of water in the thick coontails, lily pads, cabbage, or pencil reeds. They are searching or waiting for that easy prey to swim by. For all the top water fisherman, tie on a Lunkerhunt “Lunker Frog” to pull across lilly pads, thick weeds, and through the reeds. Another method that’s been producing fish is the Terminator “Pro Jig” paired with a YUM “3.25 Chunk”.


Crappies/Sunfish- Anglers are saying the thicker the cabbage and coontails the better. Locate the bigger schools of fish in 4-12 Feet of water. Casting and retrieving a VMC “Boottail” to locate the fish first is key. After finding the schools of fish retie a Northland “Gypsi Jig” paired with a crappie minnow and slip bobber to pull in the limits.


imagejpeg_0 Local Park Rapids Fisherman with a nice Walleye

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