ZR Series Fish Houses

Hey everyone! Hendri here from Smokey Hills Outdoor Store, and I want to talk to you about our exclusive ZR Series Ice Castles!  One of my favorite things about these ZR Series are how we introduced the bunks in the V- front with an RV edition Ice Castle. Everything you need for a year round Ice Castle are in these units, including the flushable toilet, shower, sink with faucet, and a hot water heater! This series offers a 30 gallon black water tank, and a 15 gallon fresh water tank. Another great feature about the ZR Series is they all sleep at least 5 People, with the electric lift bed, bunks in the V, and the jack-knife sofas, and or standard dinette in the back.

ZR Series Ice Castles
ZR Series Ice Castles

Now I want to talk about the exterior for a bit. With our ZR series all 3 of them come with our hydraulic lift frame, as well as fiberglass siding! These RV edition Ice castle have top of the line artic insulation, good for winter keeping the cold out, and good for summer keeping your A/C in. Another great feature for the exterior is our color options, as well as our decals, and decal colors! Remember our ZR Series Ice Castles are fully customizable exclusively at Smokey Hills Outdoor Store! If you have any questions about the ZR Series or any other RV edition Ice Castle please give us a call and we will be happy to help you out. Thanks everyone, and good luck this upcoming hardwater fishing season!

ZR Series video

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