ZR Series Fish Houses

Hey everyone! Hendri here from Smokey Hills Outdoor Store, and I want to talk to you about our exclusive ZR Series Ice Castles!  One of my favorite things about these ZR Series are how we introduced the bunks in the V- … Continued

Ice Castles back on the lot!

We are excited to start seeing Ice Castles back on our lot! We have all seen the demand for Ice Castles sky rocket and that left us with little to no inventory for the last few months. With the ice season … Continued

Ice Castle RV vs Non-RV

What is the difference between an Ice Castle RV and a Non-RV. The short answer is the difference is a water package. An Ice Castle RV will have a flushing toilet, a shower and a kitchen sink. Some of the … Continued

Late Season Panfish

I don’t know about you, but when I start to feel those first warm days at the end of a winter it makes me think of late ice panfish. The walleye season is closed and for a lot of people … Continued

End of Season Sale!

End of Season Sale 2020

  As Smokey Hills Outdoor Store begins to gear up for the next season, we are closing out EVERY Ice Castle in stock. This will be our most aggressive sale to date on new Ice Castles and we will be … Continued