Ice Castles back on the lot!


We are excited to start seeing Ice Castles back on our lot! We have all seen the demand for Ice Castles sky rocket and that left us with little to no inventory for the last few months. With the ice season coming to a close we have seen some great used houses coming in. (click link to view) If you follow that link you will see two great used houses, but we are working on finishing up our inspections on a handful of others right now. As soon as we finish those up we will be adding them to our website. In the middle of the picture below, but not yet on the website is an 8×24 2018 Northland Palace for $32,900! (JUST SOLD) 20210318_114749_wm


For the first time in a few months we also have a couple of new Ice Castles for sale and a handful of new houses on the lot that aren’t for sale, but are available for folks to walk through to plan out their custom build. With the weather getting nicer we wanted to be the place to go for people getting an idea of what they want to order. We have a handful of houses set aside for making that process easier on the people that need to see them before ordering. Keep checking our site we are expecting new and used houses to keep rolling in! Head to our website at to check out all of the available houses for order and stop in at Smokey Hills to check some of them out in person! If you have any questions give us a call at 218-237-5099!

20210318_114951_wm 20210318_115025_wm

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