ZR Series Fish Houses

Hey everyone! Hendri here from Smokey Hills Outdoor Store, and I want to talk to you about our exclusive ZR Series Ice Castles!  One of my favorite things about these ZR Series are how we introduced the bunks in the V- … Continued

Ice Castle RV vs Non-RV

What is the difference between an Ice Castle RV and a Non-RV. The short answer is the difference is a water package. An Ice Castle RV will have a flushing toilet, a shower and a kitchen sink. Some of the … Continued

Light Weight Ice Castle

Hello everyone. My name is Justin and I want to highlight a couple of Ice Castles that were made for keeping it simple and light weight. Some of my personal favorite layouts for this would be the Lil Jigger or the … Continued

Ice Castle Pro Series

Smokey Hills is excited to announce the brand new Ice Castle Pro Series. Ice Castle has done a wonderful job designing 4 great layouts with affordability in mind. They are now offering an 8×16 Pro Series for $13,500, an 8×16 … Continued