How do you use the toilet in the winter time in an Ice Castle? Here’s your answer times 4

The four answers to the single question that everyone wants to ask…..

Ice Castle Fish Houses have been changing the landscape of frozen lakes since 1993, bringing families closer together by providing a climate controlled fishing environment irregardless of the outside weather conditions. Ice Castle Fish Houses have made it possible to bring family and friends from babies to senior citizens to join in on the Ice Fishing fun. Some of the following information and options will make your stay on the frozen lake more comfortable and more fun.

What many people don’t want to ask but really want to know…..How do you use the toilet in the winter time in an Ice Castle? Here’s your answer times 4

  • 5 Gallon bucket and a plastic waste bag

This first option is commonly used in an Ice Castle Fish House that does not have a “RV Package” (RV Package will include water tanks, flush toilets, sink & usually a shower). The concept is pretty simple, put a waste bag in a 5 gallon bucket, add a little deodorizer, put a bungee cord around the top of the bucket to secure the bag, slide it under the provided toilet seat and “viola” you have a make-shift toilet.
*Tip from our Customers: Use some Kitty litter to absorb moisture and odor

  • Self-contained “cassette” toilet

The cassette toilet option is standard in some Ice Castle Fish House models such as the ever popular Ice Castle Boss Castle. Cassette toilets vary in design and capacity but have one core thing in common, a removable waste container. By design, you remove the container and either dump the waste into a toilet or a dump station.

  • Dry flush toilet by Laveo ™

Smokey Hills Outdoor Store has been selling the Laveo Dry Flush toilets as the best winter time use toilet option for the past couple of years. A Laveo Dry Flush toilet replaces either of the first two listed options and does not require any water for flushing. It can be “hard-wired” right into your existing Ice Castle or non-Ice Castle Fish House (provided that your fish house has available 12 volt power). The design is brilliant as it uses a vacuum to keep changing the waste bag with every flush, eliminating any smell after you flush. The toilets and the Laveo re-fill packs are readily available at

  • RV water package from Ice Castle Fish Houses

The last option is to use the existing RV package in Ice Castle “RV Units”. Almost every Ice Castle RV that contains a toilet has an existing 30 gallon black water holding tank that rests directly under the toilet. By winterizing the rest of the RV Ice Castle and isolating the rest of the water system from the toilet, it is possible to use the toilet all winter long without having to keep the house heated. The process is pretty simple. Keep a gallon of RV anti-freeze next to the toilet and manually dump in enough liquid to allow the toilet to flush after use. Empty your waste-water tank periodically throughout the winter.


Picture: Josh “catching up on some reading” in the RV Edition bathroom 

Park Rapids Fishing Report 10/16/16 to 10/22/16
Walleye – On a feeding frenzy, getting ready for the long hard winters ahead. Search for 10-16 ft of water with taller weed growth if possible. Tie on a Kenkatch “long shanked jig” either tipped with a rainbow or crawler for best luck at filling the limits.Northern Pike – Ambushing prey in 6-12 feet of water looking for smaller fish and baitfish. Tie on a Northland “Classic Spinner Bait” either plain or tipped with a sucker minnow or shiner to entice the trophy northern to strike!
Bass – Can be caught swimming from 6-14 feet of water from under docks to the thicker weed beds. Tie on a Lunkerhunt “Combat frog to snag the shallow bass. And rig up a Rapala “DT-10” to rip the bass out of the deeper waters.
Sunfish/Crappie – Spread out through the water depths from 8-16 feet of water. Tie on a Lindy “Little Nipper” tipped with a crappie minnow or waxy to fill the bucket!Need advice or help on how to do it? Come see Josh in the fishing department!
Pictured: Hendri enjoying beautiful fall weather on the water.

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Laveo™ by Dry Flush

Requires no water or chemicals. Cleaning is a breeze. It’s economical and convenient.


  • Comfortable and Discrete
  • Full-size, normal toilet seat & height
  • No waste to see or smell
  • Reliable – Only one moving part
  • Reusable – Up to seventeen uses per refill
  • Simplest Maintenance in the Industry – Refill cartridges take less than a minute to change. Change out the refill and you’re done! No black water to dump or chemicals to pour.
  • No freezing
  • No chemicals to store
  • Spill Proof
  • No odor – Proprietary technology contains odor and encapsulates waste
  • Portable – Take it anywhere, install it anywhere or just set it downGet Refills Here
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Ice Castle on the lot Spotlight

2017 8×21 Lake of the Woods Extreme

2017 8×21 Lake of the Woods Extreme :

Arctic Insulation Package (spray foam floor, walls & ceiling)
Dual Axle Hydraulic Frame
11 Holes with Lights
Cedar Interior
Flat Ceiling
LED Inside & Out
Wire & Brace for Flat Screen
Digital TV Antenna
Wire for Portable Satellite
Radio w/4 speakers
Exterior Speakers
12V Recepts
110V Recepts
Light over tanks
Bath w/toilet seat
Tall Cabinet on Bathroom wall
3 Burner cook-top w/oven
Range hood w/vent
Small sink
Raised Panel Doors
Camo cushions & curtains
30,000 BTU Furnace
30” Bunk
48“ Top Bunk
48” Dinette
Jack-Knife Sofa
Picture Window
Bay Window w/Cushion
4” Diamond Plate interior


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