Ice Castle is changing the way families camp in Minnesota.

Minnesotans have many proud traditions or can we say family get-togethers? That’s because most of our traditions include our family in some way or shape. Two of my favorites must be camping and ice fishing. Finally these two are coming together. How is that possible, do you ask?
Ice Castle fish houses, made right here in Minnesota, have invented a way that we can have the best of both worlds.First off, an Ice Castle is a fish house:

  • Insulated for the cold winters, with traditional fiberglass or upgraded spray foam insulation
  • Large 30,000 BTU forced air furnace, that keeps the house not only warm but also dry.
  • Bed liner coated frame or upgrade to galvanized to keep rust to a minimum.
  • Hundreds of different options and upgrades to make the house truly one of a kind.

It’s also a Camper

  • A/C paired with insulation keeps the unit cool, even in the hottest of summers
  • Need a shower, running hot water, sink or fridge? No problem
  • Sleeps 5 or more people comfortably, with tons of different bunk/bed options
  • Heavy duty single or tandem axles for that long haul to California, Arizona or Yellow Stone park.
  • Drops to the ground, so it’s easy to get into and is steady during a storm.

The uses for your Ice castle don’t just end there. We have customers that tell us about how they use their Ice Castle for hunting trips, family reunions, holidays and as a home away from home when they are working on the road.

Ready to start looking?

  • Come see the staff at Smokey Hills in Park Rapids, we have a large inventory on our lot.
  • We keep an up-to-date inventory at with pictures and pricing of every unit. You can even apply for financing on our website.
  • Can’t find what you are looking for? Talk to Nathan, Greg or Hendri to order the custom unit of your dreams. We can do virtually anything!

Pictured: The Syvertson family from Detroit Lakes with their new Itasca Vacation Series

Park Rapids Fishing Report 8/7/16 to 8/13/16
Walleye – The Majority of the fish will be anywhere from 16’-22’ of water looking for the tallest weed structures. Pull a heavier sinker and lindy through the weeds and weed lines. For the few suspended fish 10’-20’ ft down but over 30’-50’ft of water tie on a plain Gamakatsu “Octopus Circle hook” and drop it down under a slip bobber either tipped with a leech or minnow.
Northern – Scattered throughout 5’-15’ of water sitting and waiting in the taller weeds and structural patterns looking for the easiest flashiest prey. Be sure to tie on a nice steel or titanium leader so the northern aren’t able to bite the line off. Onto the leader snap on an Acme “Little Cleo” in any one of their many sizes and color patterns for the best chance on snagging that 40 inches!
Bass – Out on the deeper sunken islands, sunken bars, taller weed beds in anywhere from 5’-15’ of water. Looking for the most lifelike lures like worms, crawfish, and frogs. Tie on an Outkast “RTX Jig” paired with any of the Yum Plastics such as the “Chunks, Christie Craw, and Bad Mama” For the best luck at hooking that big mama!
Sunfish/Crappie -Hunkered down in the taller weed beds and structures sitting 12’-18’ of water. Mostly on the hunt for any one of VMC’s “Wingding, Boottail, or Nymph all tipped with a small leech or crappie minnow.

Josh Severtson

Need advice or help on how to do it? Come see Josh in the fishing department!

Pictured: Local fisherman Colby Bozovsky.

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We offer financing on used Ice Castle Fish Houses with $0 down, interest rates starting at 3.99% and payments as low as $100 per month.


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