Ice Castle RV vs Non-RV

Tandem axle RV Edition Ice Castles
Tandem axle RV Edition Ice Castles

What is the difference between an Ice Castle RV and a Non-RV. The short answer is the difference is a water package. An Ice Castle RV will have a flushing toilet, a shower and a kitchen sink. Some of the larger units will also have sinks in the bathroom. They are set up with a 30 gallon black water holding tank, 6 gallon water heater and a 15 gallon fresh water tank on board. So if you fill the fresh water tank and the water heater before you leaving home, you will have 21 gallons of water with. That means your are able to be completely off of the grid with an Ice Castle RV!

Some people assume that to be an RV it would have a roof top A/C unit and or a refrigerator. There are quite a few Non-RV models that will have a 110V refrigerator and an A/C unit. Think 21′ or 17′ Trophy Hunter.

All Ice Castles will have an RVIA seal on them. This seal communicates the manufacturers’ certification that it complies with the RV standards adopted by the Association. Prior to this, some RV and State parks would not allow “fish houses” into their parks so American Surplus took the necessary steps to become RVIA certified.

2017 Brown 17’ RV-24Fish King-22

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