Late Season Panfish

I don’t know about you, but when I start to feel those first warm days at the end of a winter it makes me think of late ice panfish. The walleye season is closed and for a lot of people that’s the end of the ice fishing season for them, but for some it’s the best time of the year to get out there. The crowds are less, and the panfish really start to bite. Arguably the most important thing you can do this time of year is drill, drill, and drill some more. It’s best to be mobile when chasing panfish and this time of year starts to allow easier mobility with warmer weather. This is exactly why I want to highlight the K-drill, Eskimo’s Pistol Bit, and Strikemaster’s Lite Flite. In past years we had to decide which auger we were going to bring because we all had heavy augers and didn’t want to haul more than we had to. Now we are able to bring more augers and drill more holes which means less time in between fish. They all weigh in around 5Lbs or less for the 8″ and even lighter for the 6″. I was just recently out chasing crappies with some buddies and we each had a different brand of these augers. Now everyone is probably wondering which one is the best, but I think that’s personal preference. I personally have the Eskimo Pistol Bit, but I used the other two brands as well and I think they are all great options. All you have to do is follow which drills they suggest and you are in business. If you are someone that likes to get out on the late season panfish bite give one of these a try. We have them all on sale right now too. Either click on the brand names above or follow the link down below to learn more. You can also give us a call at 218-237-5099 and have one of us help you decide! Lightweight Augers


Pictured: Derek, Justin (Smokey Hills Employee), Shayne, Jordan, Karl.


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