Product Spotlight- IceTrekkers™ Diamond Grip Ice Cleats for boots


Ice is already appearing in the mornings on our local ponds and it will soon be time to set up the portable fish houses. Be ready for early ice fishing with a set of IceTrekker™ Diamond ice cleats for boots, they will help you maintain the grip you need while pulling your sled or walking around on ice void of snow. Their new “Diamond Grip” design has rotating chains that are self-clearing and keeps snow, ice or mud from sticking to the bottom of your boot or shoe. They fit securely without requiring any additional straps and are easy to take on/off. These are also great for walking around your Ice Castle fish house; put on a pair of IceTrekker™ Diamond ice cleats for boots to check your propane tanks or walk out to the truck. Get yours today at Smokey Hills Outdoor Store for $39.99, which is much cheaper than a trip to the emergency room with a broken arm, wrist or other injury!


Trekker trekker2


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