Things to do while waiting for ICE …

If you have been on facebook the last couple of weeks, you will notice a trend. We are seeing an awful lot of “waiting for ICE!” posts.So if you are measuring the ice in 1/64th of an inch every hour on the hour, this article is for you!

Replace broken Rattles reels and put coated line on. Rattle reels are a favorite of mine and there are tons of new companies that make every shape and size. While opinion differs on the brand of rattle reel, many us us would agree that coated Sufix line makes life easier and tangles less.

Re-spool your ice fishing rods. Ice rods have small spools, which tends to add to the memory effect. Nothing worse that trying to bobber fish with a corkscrew!

Make sure your auger runs! Don’t be the guy pulling on your auger 20 times trying to get it to start. Make sure it has fresh gas in it and that the carburetor is not gummed up. Tired of the gas? Upgrade to Propane or Electric

Jigs and lures. Early ice fishing varies a lot from end of season ice fishing. At the end of last season you were probably using different equipment than what you are going to start with this year. So look at you tackle box and come up with a plan. Aggressive jigs like the Northland Buck Shot is one of my favorites for early ice.

Do your Research. You may already have a favorite spot, but doing some research never hurts. Navionics available on IPhone and Android is an inexpensive way to look at contours and set way points before heading out. Smokey Hills also has weekly ice conditions and fishing reports on our newsletter, so check it out before heading out on the ice. Even better, subscribe here and win some stuff.

Don’t get cold. Time to pull out the Muck boots and warm clothing. Fishing is no fun when cold. Ice Castle introduced a new lineup of clothing last year. It’s worth checking it out. Smokey Hills Outdoor Store also has warm wool socks like Darn Tough and Wigwam, available at our Park Rapids Store.

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Park Rapids Area Ice Conditions
12/11/16 to 12/17/16

Smokey Hills Outdoor Store will be checking on Ice conditions around the area and reporting on them weekly.With winter finally arriving in Minnesota, ice is forming rapidly on the lakes. Although most fisherman and women have the ice fishing itch,remember to always be cautious for springs, river current, and thin ice patches covered in snow.

The majority of the bigger lakes like Fishhook, Long, and Potato are not completely froze over. This is pushing fisherman to smaller lakes with fishable ice such as Portage (3″-4″), Blueberry (3″-4″) and any other smaller body of water with a shallow basin.

Rental businesses on Red Lake are reporting 3″-6″ of Ice in some areas like close to Rogers on RED.

Good Luck and Stay Safe!

Pictured: Josh with a nice chunk of ice from Lake Belle Taine near Nevis MN

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